Teleprompting Service

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Client satisfaction has always been a very important part of the video production business and continues to be of utmost importance at Kean Eye Video. We take great pride in our history of satisfying clients with excellent video production.One way to ensure that our clients stay completely happy is to ensure that all productions go as smoothly as possible. Kean Eye Video utilizes professional teleprompting equipment to further compliment our professional video production services and bring complete comfort to the speaker or on-camera talent. When clients use a professional teleprompter system, the production always goes smooth and is done much quicker.
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The Presidential Series prompters consist of specially designed metallic-coated beam-splitter glass panels mounted at eye level to the speaker. Both the glass and source monitor are freely positionable to adjust to any situation. These systems are primarily used for live speaking engagements in front of an audience. Presidential Series prompters are nearly invisible to the audience, yet provide bright, clear text to the speaker.Camera-mounted prompters are ideal for taped situations when the on-camera spokesperson needs to maintain eye contact with the audience while still presenting the prepared material precisely. This type of sytem is often used when taping commercials or other video presentations such as product demonstrations.Both systems are controlled by a professional operator and allow for easy editing of the script.


Presidential prompters for speaking in front of an audience.

With the addition of our professional prompter equipment to compliment our already expansive video production services, you are now able to save your client money by using LOCAL services!

Kean Eye Video has everything you need for complete professional prompter services right here in Fort Myers and Naples and throughout ALL of Southwest Florida. If needed, these systems are completely portable to allow statewide service.

Please give us a call at (239) 398-0671 or use our contact form to learn how our services can help you.


Southwest Florida relies on
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